Giovanni Conti was disciple of the famous Gregorian academic Luigi Agustoni. He is Professor of Palaeography and Gregorian Semiology at the University School of Music of Italian Switzerland, Professor of Liturgical Musicology at the Theological Faculty of Lugano and Professor at the University of Parma (Musicology Master). He teaches in multiple courses, among which the AISCGre courses in Arco and Cremona, in Valle de los Caidos (Madrid) and in Milan organized by the Civic School of Music.

He researches and teaches on the forms of Western sacred music, liturgical sources, medieval and sacred vocal repertoire of Latin musical cultures in Europe and its changes throughout the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque. His activities include musical critics: he published numerous essays for newspapers and magazines.

Conti has been a jury member in prestigious international competitions. He realized numerous musical and television productions for the Austrian ORF, for the Switzerland TV and Radio, for the RAI Italian Radio and Television, for the Polska TV, for the Nippon Television, for the ZDF and the Vatican Television Center.

He performs concerts at the helm of the vocal ensemble More Antiquo (male ensemble) and Adiastema (female ensemble).He recorded for labels such as JVC, Ares, Naxos, Pauline Audiovisual Chgc, Amadeus, Classic voice, ARTS and Dymanic.

Conti is Artistic Director of the International Festival of medieval and renaissance music “Cantar di Pietre”. He succeeded Luigi Agustoni as director of the Cantus Gregoriani Helvetici Cultores. He is Director of the musicological journal Vox Antiqua. He was for several years responsible for the activities of the Swiss Radio Choir and is currently the responsible for Music productions of Switzerland Radio Television.

In 2015 Giovanni Conti has been elected Vice-President of AISCGre.