The Spanish Section of AISCGre came into being in 2002 and in Spain is called Asociación Hispana para el Estudio del Canto Gregoriano (AHisECGre). Its main goal is the study and research of Gregorian Chant with semiological orientation in the tradition of Eugène Cardine and the promotion and proliferation of the results of this study. Members of the section range from great academic personalities to the numerous musicians dealing with Gregorian Chant on practical level.

The section publishes a bulletin offering information for the members as well as news from the Section and the AISCGre globally. It also contains articles on the diverse aspects of Gregorian Chant in Spain and on topics from the areas of Gregorian chant, medieval music and liturgy.

Since 2003 the Spanish Section organises the Encuentros de Canto Gregoriano as well as concerts in numerous cities in Spain. Since its beginnings, the Section has collaborated with the Abbey of Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caídos, organising the Semana de Estudios Gregorianos which takes place annually during the last week of August.