The main scope of the International Society for Studies of Gregorian Chant (AISCGre) is the continuation of the semiological orientation of Gregorian Chant as founded by Eugène Cardine. AISCGre focuses on research, teaching and praxis through:

  • the study of Gregorian Chant in all its aspects and especially with regard to gregorian semiology
  • the publication of sources, research results, scientific and practical articles etc.
  • teaching on various levels
  • courses, conferences, congresses, concerts, recordings.


AISCGre has 550 members (individuals and institutions) in 28 countries. Everyday life happens in five geographic or linguistic sections. Collaboration among these sections expresses itself in various ways; among others in the organisation of the International Congresses of AISCGre (Cremona 1977 und 1979, Luxembourg 1984, Verona, 1991, Vienna 1995, Verona 1999, Hildesheim 2003, Florence 2007, Poznań 2011, Lugano 2015, Bautzen 2019 and Tyniec [Krakow] 2023.).