Franz Karl Praßl, born in 1954, studied music (church music, choir direction, organ) and theology (Dr. theol. in liturgy) in Graz. Additional studies in paleography and semiology in Essen (with Joppich, Göschl, Agustoni). 1982–1992 cathedral organist in Klagenfurt, 1982–1989 also church music director of the diocese of Gurk. Since 1992 professor for Gregorian chant and history of church music at the University of Art in Graz, Austria.

Lecturer at various universities in Austria and internationally. Since 2011 also professor of Gregorian Chant at the Pontifical Institute for Church Music, Rome. Founder (1992) and director of the “Grazer Choralschola”, numerous concerts in most European countries, the U.S. and Israel.

1999–2011 president of the international working group on hymnology, since 2010 president of the Austrian commission for church music. 1993–1999 member in the administrative board of the German-speaking section of AISCGre, since 2003 member of the board of directors of AISCGre.

Praßl is co-editor of the Graduale Novum and has published amply on Gregorian Chant, semiology, history of church music and hymnology.