Christoph Hönerlage is Professor of Gregorian Chant at the College of Catholic Church Music and Musical Education in Regensburg. He studied Catholic theology in Paderborn and Vienna, Catholic Church Music in Regensburg and Gregorian Chant in Munich, where he was a student of Johannes Berchmans Göschl. His PhD thesis, “Centonization as Interpretation. Functions of the Formulae and the Text-Melody Relationship of the Graduals in the 5th Mode”, was submitted at the University of the Arts in Graz, Austria. In his current position as Professor of Gregorian Chant in Regensburg, Hönerlage is conductor of the Schola Gregoriana and participates in the BA and MA programmes for Church Music. Since 2019 he has been responsible for a new Master programme Gregorian Chant/Liturgical Chant (Master of Music). For several years Hönerlage has been a member of AISCGre and since 2011 has been active as secretary on the board of the German-speaking section of the association. In June 2019 he was elected into the Consiglio Direttivo Internazionale.