Fr. Matteo Ferraldeschi, Friar Minor since 1999 and priest since 2006, was born in Marsciano (PG) in 1971. He studied Gregorian at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome, and he attended the five-year specialization of the Italian AISCGre. At the Conservatory of Lugano, in 2013, he obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Palaeography and Gregorian Semiology. He founded the Summer Courses of Gregorian Chant in Assisi and at the Abbey of Farfa, of which he is also director and teacher. Since 2009 he has been assistant professor of Gregorian Chant at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome, in basic training courses. Formerly conductor of the Choir Mater Ecclesiae of the Liturgical Celebrations presided over by the Holy Father and Cantor of the Musical Chapel Giulia of the Vatican Basilica, he directs the Laudesi Umbrian Choir of Spoleto and the Mulierum Schola Romana. He is regularly invited on the national territory for courses and seminars of Gregorian Chant. Ferraldeschi was elected a member of the Consiglio Direttivo Internationale in June 2019.