Sr. Maria Dolores Aguirre is a member of the religious congregation Carmelitane della Carità. She studied piano at the Madrid conservatory under Javier Alfonso and did her doctoral thesis in musicology and the licenciate in Gregorian Chant under Eugène Cardine at the Pontifical Institute for Sacred Music in Rome.

She was head of the liturgical programme of Radio Vatican, and didactical director of the “Tommaso Ludovico da Victoria” in Rome. Sr. Maria Dolores Aguirre lectured in Gregorian Chant and liturgical music at the Liturgical Institute of S. Anselmo, Rome. For 32 years she was the choir master of the ensemble “Mater Ecclesiae”, performing during the pontifical ceremonies in St. Peter’s.

Sr. Maria Dolores presently teaches Gregorian Chant, liturgy and polyphonic exercise at the Schola “Cantantibus Organis” in S. Cecilia, Rome. And she directs the choir “Iubilate Deo” which maintains numerous activities both in a liturgical frame and in concerts.